Table Plans & Seating Charts

The table plan/seating chart/escort cards are a list of guest names telling people what table they are seated on. It makes it a million times easier for guests to find their table and seat without having to search the whole room for their place card.

It works like this:

Step 1: Guest looks at table plan and finds their name which will tell them what table they’re sitting on.

Step 2: Guest scans room and sees their assigned table by the clearly displayed table number/name.

Step 3: Guest makes their way to the table and scans 8-12 seats for their place card and where they will be seated for the wedding breakfast.

Guests who are clearly directed are less confused therefore more comfortable and have more enjoyment of the overall wedding! Make it clear and super easy for your guest (but lets make it pretty too). Some ideas below for you and get in touch with any questions (I’m nice honest).

Your own frame/mirror

If you have a mirror or frame that you want to use for your wedding then we’ll make your table plan to fit. You can either drop it off to the studio to have a competed chart or send us the measurements and we’ll made the inserts to fit.

Escort Cards

An alternative to the traditional table plan/seating chart. Individually named cards usually laid out in alphabetical order with the table number/name the guest will be seated on.