Jenny & Jon’s Wedding

Jenny & Jon are getting married on Saturday 23rd September 2017 and wish to share with you some useful information regarding their wedding.

Jenny & Jon's Wedding Countdown








The shuttle bus from Copthorne to Pencoed House will be leaving at 1:15pm BE READY!!!
ONLY rooms booked with the code JENN230917 can use the shuttle bus.

The venue accepts cards (accept for American Express) over the bar.

Please remember NO cars can be left at the venue over night!

Jenny & Jon’s Story

“Would you like to take me out for a drink?”

Perhaps not the way most love stories start, I’m not sure I heard that line anywhere in Cinderella and I’m pretty certain if Prince Charming had tried it, he’d have taken a glass slipper to the unmentionables. But, ever the suave individual this was Jon’s way of asking Jen on a date. Fortunately for him his baby-faced good looks, although somewhat belied by the silver streaks in his hair even then, won her over and naively, as a just-turned twenty year old, she agreed to travel to Cardiff to buy him a drink. Neither can remember who actually bought that drink, but Jen does clearly remember having the smarts to order her Caesar salad without anchovies. Unlike Jon.

In the following ten years, Jon learnt that Jen would always be able to out-eat him and Jen discovered that she would never need to research anything again. He developed the tolerance to live with her clumsiness and she developed the patience to wait for him. The life in between has been woven with camping, snowboarding, windy days on the beach, beer, wine, travel and adventure and we’ve done it all with you laughing alongside us. It seems to be time for the next adventure, and we’re excited to have you with us.

Welcome to our wedding.

“I am always late on principle, my principle being that punctuality is the thief of time.” – Oscar Wilde’s spirit living on in the future Mr and Mrs Morse.

The courtesy of your reply would by the 1st August 2017 would be much appreciated:
Jenny & Jon
32 Clos Cwm Garw
Mountain View
CF83 2BG

Please help us plan our reception by letting us know if you have any dietary requirements.

(Rough) Timings of the Day:

2:00pm:                 Guests arrive
2:30pm:                 Ceremony
3:00pm:                 Drinks reception
5:00pm:                 Sit down meal
7:30pm:                 Evening guests arrive
8:30pm:                 Disco and dancing


To maximise the time we get to spend with you beautiful people, we have arranged the ceremony and reception to be in the same place at Pencoed House Estate.


Pencoed House Estate,
Llantrisant Road,
Tel: 029 2167 8090

This is approximately 10miles / 20mins from Cardiff.


There is limited parking at the venue and due to the early start of weddings each day, the venue ask that no cars are left overnight. For those guests who book a room at the nearby Copthorne Hotel using the discount code JENN230917 (see Accommodation) there will be a complementary bus to take you to and from the venue and cars can be left at the hotel instead. This is where we will be staying.

Bus leaves Copthorne Hotel: 1:15pm

Bus leaves Pencoed House Estate: 12 midnight


The Copthorne Hotel is located at Culverhouse Cross, approximately 5miles / 15mins from Pencoed House Estate. We have reserved a block of rooms at this hotel at a rate of £110 for a single room or £120 for double occupancy inclusive of breakfast. To book one of these rooms, quote the code JENN230917; bookings using this code will need to be made by 31st July and over the phone, details below. For rooms booked using this code, there will be a complementary bus to take you to and from the venue and cars can be left at the hotel.

Bus leaves Copthorne Hotel: 1:15pm

Bus leaves Pencoed House Estate: 12 midnight

Please note – only rooms booked using the JENN230917 will be eligible for the free bus transport.

Copthorne Hotel
Copthorne Way
Culverhouse Cross,
Tel: 02920 599 100

There are a number of other hotel options in and around Cardiff. We’d be happy to give you any advice on this if you need it.


If you require one, we would recommend booking a taxi in advance, and below are some options for local firms:

Cardiff City Companies:
Premier Taxis: 02920 555 555
Dragon Taxis: 02920 333 333
Capital Cabs: 02920 777 777

Penarth/Cardiff Bay Companies:
KTax Penarth: 02920 708 525
Cabs64: 02920 706 464

Castell Cars: 02920 888 888
Civic Taxis: 02920 851 011


It turns out weddings are expensive, who knew. Luckily, given that it took us eleven years to get here, we are not young fledglings saving for our first gravy boat. Which is sensible, given that in that eleven years, we are yet to find a need for a gravy boat…

We are well aware of the fortunate position in which we find ourselves; not just surrounded by you lot, but employed, with a comfortable home and more adventures under our belts than some people get to experience in a lifetime. So in an entirely selfish gesture to alleviate the guilt of our next wonderful holiday, we would like to share around some of our good fortune by nominating a couple of charities in lieu of gifts. There is no obligation to donate, having you with us on our wedding day is genuinely all we ask. But rest assured, anything you do donate would be gratefully received and will be used to mentally balance the overpriced bottle of champagne we pick on our honeymoon, the new jacket and/or bike that Jon obviously needs and the clothes that Jen can’t live without.

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Support Group

Thelma Rowe was a very kind, gentle lady. She was a wife, a mother and spent many years as a carer, but I only ever knew her as my grandmother, Nanny. She played with us for hours, took us on holiday year after year, days out to Thorpe Park and whenever we would visit, the sweet bowl was stocked to the brim. She spent her life looking after other people, even when she started to slow down. Nan would have kept going for many years more, but she suffered with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP); a rare genetic disease that causes developmental paralysis. As a hereditary condition, this is still prevalent in our family, and as a rare disease, the research and support funds are limited. So we wanted to take the opportunity to contribute to the cause by supporting The Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Support Group (UK). This group assist members with support and funds research; you can read more about them on our JustGiving page and we’d appreciate any support you choose to give.

[above – Thelma and her mum proving age is no barrier to silly fun]


Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI)

I learnt to surf as a young twentysomething, discovering a great opportunity to bomb off Uni and head to the beach with the boys. For many years, come rain, shine (or snow) we would head down to Rest Bay and out into the fresh Welsh water. However, as time passed and we (somewhat) progressed, we realised the windy Welsh coast generally meant the surf was blown flat. So I made the switch to kitesurfing with the odd dip into wakeboarding and hydrofoiling. In the years Jen and I have been together, I have managed to drag her into my hobbies too, just making sure she never gets too good…you know how it is ;).

Whilst the RNLI’s services have never…well…not never, but rarely been required, they run an amazing service making the sports that we do a whole lot safer. RNLI is not government run but funded entirely by charity support with volunteer lifeboat crews. You can read more about their charity on our JustGiving page, and we’d love to support them to make sure they are still around in the event we do one day need to give them a call. We’d appreciate any support you choose to give.

[above – Jon kiting Auckland’s North Shore at Muriwai]

The Brooke Foundation

We couldn’t leave an animal charity out of the mix; whilst we have no pets, we love animals and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to provide some help. The choice of animal charity was somewhat harder with so many great charities doing great work both locally and internationally.

I would explain the one we have chosen, but people say pictures speak a thousand words, so I’ll just leave you with the following.